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Anguilla Finance is powered by the Anguilla Financial Services Association (AFSA).

The Anguilla Financial Services Association is the trade entity created to work with all members of the industry and strives to be representative of the industry in discussions with The Government, The Financial Services Commission and clients. Our goal is to increase GDP for the island. The organisation is led by a Committee elected by Anguilla’s licensed service providers.

Why Anguilla

A great jurisdiction to do business

For over three decades Anguilla has provided innovative financial and commercial solutions to a diverse range of local and international clientele, including corporates, governments and individuals.

We operate under English law and the Island’s currency, the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, is tied to the US dollar, offering clients flexibility and ease of accounting.

In today’s challenging environment of global markets, volatile economics and complex human issues, our-time-tested abilities and range of services have become even more critical.

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The Anguilla Financial Services Commission regulates all service providers in Anguilla.

They maintain an up-to-date list of all registered service providers as well as contact information.